Unfinished Production:Part ONE

Unfinished Production: Part 1


The year 2013 has arrived! The end of the year 2012 came and went. Despite the Mayan Prediction, we are still here.

This and every other New Year brings a new menu, and a new list- potentially with items carried over from years past.

If you are like me, unfortunately there is a myriad list-No, more like a catalog of things to do. Realistically I can describe this list as, things that should have been done to get to where I want to be.

I have had a few conversations with others that continue to review their own catalogs. Deadlines have come and gone.  Melodies are sung, but never heard. Books are written, but never proposed.

There are many stars in the entertainment business.  We read about many of them as we stand, frustrated in the checkout line at Wal-Mart.  The difference between those stars and many of the wanna-be’s -the almost famous –is that they are published for Wal-Mart line standers to view, buy and read.

I am in the company of many talented people including writers, actors, and singers. These individuals are not necessarily looking to be blasted in Wal-Mart aisles. These very talented individuals are looking to be read, seen and heard.

But what is stopping them?

It is not a lack of motivation. It is not a lack of talent. For some, it is not a lack of know how or even connections.

My talented friends lack: FOLLOW THROUGH

Life can condition us into thinking we are not good enough. Life can also provide enough lemons until in some instances; we get a spark of, YES I CAN!

We have a vision, we see it clearly, we then believe, we can make it happen. This is YES I CAN! in action.

But YES I CAN without FOLLOW THROUGH is an unfinished Production.

Completing a project to get where you want to be is the intersection of


This is the intersection where my friends who dream to be in the entertainment business need to meet themselves.

According to Jeff Goins, you need to start calling your self what you want to be.

In his Book You are a Writer, Jeff speaks about how a good friend told him he was a writer, he just needed to do what writers do: write.

I agree writers-write, actors –act, singers-sing.

I urge you to review your catalog. What do you want to do?

Next time we will hammer this out.

Till then,

Skye Berger

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