The Importance of Youth Work: Memory Seeds

Imagine that you are back in the second grade. For many of us, this trip down memory lane will jolt you into a flashback of  Cindy Lauper. Naturally, images of neon shirts with abstract designs and pants with stirrups may also make an appearance in this second grade scene.

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What do you remember about second grade?

I remember forgetting my homework, and being diagnosed with pneumonia on the day of our second grade Christmas party. I asked Dr. Simpson if I could go back to school, because I didn’t want to miss the party but he said, “No”.

How would our lives be different if our daily conversations with co-workers, young people or  even service providers,  were viewed as memory seeds?

Let’s think about this for a moment.  You have been invited to travel back into the early nineties, late eighties or any other time period that holds a significant memory.  The significance of this memory is defined by the method in which you experienced it.

You may have had a negative experience and therefore try avoiding the circumstances that surround this significant memory. Vice Versa a positive memory will provoke a replication in an attempt to produce another positive experience.

Now bringing yourself back into the present time think about a specific young person that you work with.  Is this youth producing seeds based on positive or negative memory seeds that have been planted?

Every interaction is the opportunity to plant a seed. Here are three tips to ensure the memory seeds you are planting are positive.

Tip 1: Never React to Negative Behavior

This is a difficult task to stay true to. We naturally want to defend ourselves in words or actions. Yet we must understand that when others display negativity this is the ultimate opportunity to plant a positive memory seed.

Tip 2: Begin and End with Positivity

Let your actions be led with kind words and let your departing end in peace. Don’t regret the last thing you have said to a person, you never know if you will have the opportunity to make it right.

Tip 3:Picture the Fruit you want to Produce

It is amazing how Napoleon Hill changed the thoughts of those who read his teachings with PMA. Positive Mental Attitude if there is a particular characteristic you would like to see in a youth, you have to show them by planting the seed.

Every Interaction Counts!




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