The Business Plan Revolt

I can greatly appreciate the many times my grandmother said, “Keep living and you will get older”. I am inevitably older. Through the process of living, I have realized that the wheel has no need for re-invention, and matches are an awesome when used as a catalyst to produce heat.

Don"t Stress Just Model

Don”t Stress Just Business Canvas Model

If I lost you during the intro paragraph, my hope is that the rest of this post will assist you on your road to living as a youth worker and getting your business older in the process.

I would like to introduce you to Steve Blank this young man is been a professor, teaching students at U.C. Berkeley, Stanford University, Columbia University, Caltech and UCSF.  His class text book Four Steps to the Epiphany, has been said to be the book that began starting the Lean Start-up movement.

I became interested in Steve Blank because of his thoughts on business model implementation rather than business plans. There has been an entrepreneurial strategy to this “keep living” idea. Thanks grandma!

When we keep living, we keep moving. Chuck Blakemon states “They [Businesses] come up with a very simple idea, get moving, then evaluate and plan as they go”.

Chuck Blakemon is an internationally acclaimed business speaker whose vision is to live well by doing good and never in your business life should you have a business plan.

Both of these business leaders rather suggest the following approach to planning your business for investor


Steve’s Thoughts Why are these Key Components
think creatively and independently  Businesses should have a plan B for when the course changes
Aim for a scalable startup  Show investors that you  want to build a company
Design your business model  Businesses need to validate every assumption behind their business model


Chuck’s Thoughts Why are these Key Components
Keep it simple  You’ll likely sound a lot more secure and a lot more like you know what you’re doing.
Ask these three questions “Where are we?”

“Where do we want to end up?”

“When do we want to be there?”

Where you are right now determines everything about how you get where you want to go. You can begin to picture what it will take to get there. Planning when you want to arrive assists in setting the course.
Never use “how” for long-range planning You’re much less likely to run into problems if you ask a thousand short-term “hows” than if you ask a thousand long-term “hows”.As a result of implementing these business leaders suggested strategies for business planning, I envision that your business will keep living. That is our goal right.

Here is a link to the business model canvas  template video explanation(love the voice-over narration).

Here is the link to business model canvas download (Costs an email address)

I love the un-business plan approach! What are your thoughts ??


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