Going: Looking For Direction From Here to There

Where are you

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From Here to There

Can you imagine being in a different place? What if I told you, I am going to accompany you to the location of your choice, where would we go?

Where would you take me?

These are not rhetorical questions, I really want to journey with you!

In a way I am inviting myself, but that’s not the point. Where are we headed?

Is our destination warm and welcoming or is it distant and cold? Would you suggest that I pack light, or will my baggage interfere with yours?


The Journey

There are a few things to consider when traveling, with lots of questions to answer.

I am here and you are there. Yet we have made little progress.

Now that we have moved past stating the obvious, I have not actually told you where I might like to go.

This is a question yet to be posed, but It’s not really as much about our preferences as much as  it is really important to consider where we are currently.

I want to tag-a-long in your current state of mind. This is why we cannot get anywhere without acknowledging our current position.

When I have to travel out of town I still function in 1999 and print off Mapquest directions. (Yes, I have GPS but I have often been led astray.) Mapquest gives me the option of skipping the directions out of my neighborhood.

As long as I know how to get from my house to the highway, I should be able to carry on according to the directions.

Now if  I am in my car in an unfamiliar area, without cell reception, it will be a challenge to calculate my next  destination based on where I am, because can’t give my current location.

Even if you decide not to take me with you, I Challenge you to consider where you are. If you want to be some where else doing something else, keep reading to discover a few steps in the direction of a different place.

3 STEPS To a Different Place


Close your eyes and quite yourself. This is the time you play some Sade or Kenny G  if that will help you relax. You are encouraged to get into the zone. Often a short walk or run outdoors will assist in your transition to becoming quiet. Chamomile tea and a pillow do it for me.


Ladies, was there ever a time you were trapped in a dungeon with no way out? When all of a sudden- everything is okay because Rainbow Bright casts a beam to set you free and all of the My Little Ponies rejoice!

Fellas, have you ever been in a battle and almost been defeated by Skeletor when a GI Joe came from out of nowhere to rescue you?

You are encouraged to image like an Eighties Baby! Imagine your life to the extreme. I don’t care where you want to go or whom you want to talk to. The question is have you seen yourself there. Can you imagine it?


Using your imagination to see yourself where you want to be, is only the first step. You must use action in order  to move from dream to goals to plans. Your dreams must be turned into goals that you want to reach by following plans.


Since I have invited myself anyway, where do you imagine yourself? Please talk about it in the comments!





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