Just Start Yesterday

Just Start Yesterday

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I am so proud of Jon Acuff! He wrote the book I need and would love to write. I am apart of the I am … but generation and I wish not to be anymore.

I have passion. I have interest. I have desires. I have a family. Ultimately, I am exhausted by the end of the day.

On average adults watch 8 hours of television. I don’t watch much television, but then I had to reconsider the amount of Backyardigans that I consume with my children.

My husband and I limit the amount of time our children watch television and this is usually so that we can do normal functions such as unload a dishwasher or go to the bathroom by ourselves.

I don’t understand how people are investing the same amount of time, watching other people live on television, as they spend earning a paycheck.

I want to think differently regarding the use of my time. I have a daily dose of Michael Hyatt.  I am encouraged by the way he has so many tools to utilize in order to become proficient and efficient.

I became so frustrated attempting to set up e-mail rules in my work inbox, because I was not receiving the mail that I needed. I simply deleted the created rules, with intentions to attempt again.

The bottom line is simple. There are folks out there that have made it. Additionally there are folks that are on their way. You may fall in to one of these categories. But who is the judge of that?

You are.

I have a list of personal goals that I want to achieve. I will share them.

I will be organized.

I will be timely.

I will be enjoyable to be around.

I will be prepared.

Simple right? None of these will come if I do not start. My start will look different for each but I have to start to ever complete them.

What do you need to start?

I would love to hear from you!





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