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There is a wave of Christian writers emerging to usher in the next generation of those truly living to love like God loves. Jeff Goins vividly portrays this message in Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life. 

As connected as we are, it has become to relate to the conditions of the world.  I am often reminded, no matter what I am presented with Jesus, who is love, was fueled by the compassion he possessed for others. What are you fueling?

As I perused through Michael Hyatt’s website, a few months ago, he mentioned content by his friend Jeff Goins. Naturally, I clicked over to that site.

Jeff Goins is a believer of the God of the Bible, and has pursued the desires that the creator placed in his heart.

Jeff Goins offers a call to action throughout the text providing tangible accounts of being Wrecked.  Be prepared for an encounter with your hearts intentions as you read this work. Those that have felt the hand of God on them while being a blessing to those in need -will continue. Others will have a new lens to embrace opportunities as they present themselves.

Jeff describes being Wrecked in the subtitle. Ultimately, we have to observe what is truly taking place beyond our backyards and set our sights around the corner, over the hill and through the woods.

Our world is broken, yet there is a remedy. The creation is waiting, anxious for us to respond to the pain of brokenness.

Jeff stated the Being Wrecked is a  “Shot at living the lives we are scared to live.”

The brokenness of the world is thick. It is palpable. It is for us to alter it.

I strongly suggest you check out Jeff Goins. While you are at it, be a blessing, pass it on from the Wrecked website.

Thank you to Crossed Focused Reviews for allowing me to be a part of this movement. I have reached out to Jeff and he has responded. You can check out that conversation here. I am not only a Wrecked reviewer. I am a member of the Jeff Goins Tribe.

I am Wrecked  with Safe Families, we can do more.

Are you ready to get Wrecked? Let’s do it!




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