School of Manage U: My interview with Jeff Goins

Manage U

Years are sectioned into months. Months are divided into weeks. Weeks are split into days. Days are parted into hours. Those hours are organized into minutes. Minutes are fragmented into seconds. Seconds are regarded as precious and we strive to make them count.

I have been a reader of Jeff Goins Blog for a while. I have subscribed to his feed and I have purchased his books and participate in his e-course.

How does this dude manage all of this? Well, he simply started.

Conversations with diverse individuals have led me to believe many of our problems, and many of our setbacks, originate with us. As in you and I.

Why have we not graduated from our current situations in order to move on and attend the “School of Manage U”?

I have been putting out fires, many of which could have been avoided.  Some of you have reached out to me, and you experience the same thing.

Many of my readers have ambitions to become writers, producers, and artist managers. I believe my friends can. I believe my friends will. I believe this because they are now attending the School of Manage U. They have a plan to get themselves inorder to fully manage their lives,in turn managing their passion careers.

I mentioned Jeff Goins because, I greatly respect his regular guy persona. He has become very successful at living his passion. His success is due to living and acting out on what he loves.

I recently emailed Jeff to ask him a few questions. Below are the questions and responses.

Skye: Already having a very successful platform, how did your tribe play a role in negotiations with Moody?

Jeff: My tribe helped me negotiate a better advance and helped me get more resources (i.e. marketing dollars). It gave me a leg to stand on and negotiate from.

Skye:  Was getting a book deal your goal or did you have a continued back up plan to self -publish? 

Jeff: I just wanted to write a book and have people buy it. If Moody didn’t publish me, I would’ve self-published.

Skye: Can you provide an example of the way you and your agent worked toward mutual benefit with your publisher?

Jeff: Not really. The publisher contacted me, then I got the agent, and he negotiated a better contract for me.

This is an example of someone who is managing himself. Your life is a circle, inclusive of all of your activities.  If one area is off balance, your circle will cease to roll.

Are you able to recognize whether or not you are in the “School of Manage U”?

Jeff just wanted to write. What do you just want to do?



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