Coals, Reviews, Contracts: Liability Oh My

As technology continues to attempt to meet and potentially surpass even the standards of Elroy and Judy Jetson, one old practice is ever present. This one thing will remain.

This practice, is played out in daytime television, the fear of many professionals and the inspiration behind billboards on inner city buses.

The lingering cloud of potential is liability.

The questions that will always accompany a law suit is who is at fault. With Whom does the liability lie?

When words Move

Many of the bloggers that I follow mention attending seminars by Tony Robbins . This master of motivation has a segment  that is designed to demonstrate the power of overcoming obstacles by lighting a fire beneath them, Literally the participants are offered the opportunity to walk barefoot across 2,00 degree coals.

This Fire Walk resulted in controversy due to reports that participants received second and third degree burns during their experience. These reports were later found to be inaccurate post investigation; however it leads any event organizer, motivational speaker, and tour guide to question the level of insurance they carry.

As a professional speaker are you liable for the actions of your participants, based on the words within your message? I encourage people to be respectful, and aware of their needs of their audience. I am not saying change your message.  If  you feel the need or desire to deliver your content, carry on just make sure you are insured and carry the appropriate licenses like Tony Robbins.

Employ or Contract

Inspirational, Motivational, or Professional Speakers have to work with a lot of people prior to addressing their audience. When the contracts are signed the speaker is usually conducting business as a contractor. But where is the line drawn between an employee fulfilling duties and a contractor adhering to the proposed terms.

Insurevents  is a company that specializes in insuring  many types of events .  The website offers the following guidance to avoid liability that can be placed on a company when a contractor files a suit to be compensated.

If you are a contracted profession I offer the same advise as with the Fire Walk. It is better to be over insured, certain that precautions have been taken, rather than not with the potential of losing everything.

Word of Mouth

Sometimes Insurance coverage will not prevent you from losing everything. Elroy and Judy had the luxury of seeing their friends as they talked on the phone, but they did not have the interned to read reviews about services their parents may have purchased.

When I am in different surroundings I consult the locals regarding food and entertainment. I  do not go door to door but from site to site.

Even though Yelp is protected by the Communications Decency Act . Those who post are not. A woman was fined for her part in a less than favorable review of a company. The Act does not hold yelp responsible for the decline in business as a result of the bad review or the fact that the company sued a customer as a result.


None the less . The world is a sandbox lets all show our insurance credentials prior to engaging in play.



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