The Importance of Youth Work: Memory Seeds

Imagine that you are back in the second grade. For many of us, this trip down memory lane will jolt you into a flashback of  Cindy Lauper. Naturally, images of neon shirts with abstract designs and pants with stirrups may also make an appearance in this second grade scene. What do you remember about second […]

The Business Plan Revolt

I can greatly appreciate the many times my grandmother said, “Keep living and you will get older”. I am inevitably older. Through the process of living, I have realized that the wheel has no need for re-invention, and matches are an awesome when used as a catalyst to produce heat. If I lost you during […]

Going: Looking For Direction From Here to There

  From Here to There Can you imagine being in a different place? What if I told you, I am going to accompany you to the location of your choice, where would we go? Where would you take me? These are not rhetorical questions, I really want to journey with you! In a way I […]

Just Start Yesterday

Just Start Yesterday   I am so proud of Jon Acuff! He wrote the book I need and would love to write. I am apart of the I am … but generation and I wish not to be anymore. I have passion. I have interest. I have desires. I have a family. Ultimately, I am […]

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Coals, Reviews, Contracts: Liability Oh My

As technology continues to attempt to meet and potentially surpass even the standards of Elroy and Judy Jetson, one old practice is ever present. This one thing will remain. This practice, is played out in daytime television, the fear of many professionals and the inspiration behind billboards on inner city buses. The lingering cloud of […]

Unfinished Production: Part Two

Unfinished Production: Part 2   So what do you want to do? Accountability is one of those things that gets us. We say we are going to do something, and what do you know someone expects it to be done. But what about us? When you make a commitment regarding what you plan to do […]

Unfinished Production:Part ONE

Unfinished Production: Part 1   The year 2013 has arrived! The end of the year 2012 came and went. Despite the Mayan Prediction, we are still here. This and every other New Year brings a new menu, and a new list- potentially with items carried over from years past. If you are like me, unfortunately […]

Holiday Mood Swing

Holiday Mood Swing Photo Credit: Tis the season to clean house, bake cookies, and shop to you drop.  I love this time of year! Not for the excitement of receiving, but I truly enjoy the ambience the season provides. Holidays are regarded as the most wonderful time of the year. Holidays are also said […]

School of Manage U: My interview with Jeff Goins

Manage U Years are sectioned into months. Months are divided into weeks. Weeks are split into days. Days are parted into hours. Those hours are organized into minutes. Minutes are fragmented into seconds. Seconds are regarded as precious and we strive to make them count. I have been a reader of Jeff Goins Blog for a […]