About Skye

I Can Help You Live the Life

You Were Created to Liveskyetable


If you want to live life as a better version of you, you are in the right place!

If your desire is to work more efficiently and more effectively in your business ,  you are also in the right place.

Let me break it down:
If you are running a business or desire to run your life like a business, you can use what you have right now!

I believe you have been blessed with experience.
This means you have tools that have been disguised through circumstance.

You can utilize these events in order to make a difference in your own life and in the lives of those who you encounter on this journey. It’s the Really Big Little Things that make the world go round, and around and then we recycle.
If you want someone to walk with you, I will!

I am all about people living life as the REAL YOU. No matter what your past experience has been, no matter what obstacles you currently face , you can have the life and business of your hearts desire.

About Skye Berger

  I have over a decade of experience in engaging groups through inspirational speaking events, workshops and keynote addresses. I am a wife and mother of five. I have been a mother most of my life. I have professional experience in higher academia, child welfare and mental health.

All of these these character-strengthening positions have influenced the way I view my life, my family, and the use of my time.  It is my intention to ignite a passion within this community to: Reach for your greatest potential. Live the life you were created to live; and Shine for others to see your light .  

 I am the Founder of Door Opener Academy, where we  evoke, invite and inspire the door opener in all of us through coaching , and community built around making progress, profit and pathways.

I am also, the Chief Creative of Mobile Craft Party. Gather your friends, staff, prayer group, or club members we will bring the party to you!  I love being able to express myself creatively.

Skye holds Craft Parties @ Churches !!!!

Skye holds Craft Parties @ Churches !!!!

I live to see others take their business and personal lives to the next level.  I hope we can create these moments together. It is my desire that you will enhance your view of your created self, and  those within your sphere of influence. We can creatively cross the threshold of open doors together!!!

I believe in you ~Skye