The I AM ME  Manifesto is an eBook about finding yourself and truly living as yourself. I grew tired of attempting to suppress my creativity. I became overwhelmed with the fact that no one would save me from the world that had me caged. I decided to become active in my rescue. I started to listen to myself.  I began to act on the thoughts and ideas that God had given me.  I began to live.

This manifesto is an answer for extraordinary people-those suffering from not living as their true self.  The answer is to live. You hold the question.

I was inspired by Jeff Goins. I actually had the pleasure of interviewing him. I wasn’t me back then. I was only trying to be. I am now.

How to get a copy

You can get a free copy of the I AM ME Manifesto by signing up for my updates.

Did you Read it Yet…

I would like to thank you for reading  the I AM ME Manifesto. I wrote this because, I knew I was not the only one feeling trapped inside of a life that was not recognizable as my own. I knew there was someone else out there. I want you to know that you do not have to accept normal. You only need to accept yourself, as you are.

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I was inspired by Jeff Goins.  Hopefully  this manifesto inspires you.